Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tooth Fairy, Birthday Celebrations, and Stuff.....

Layla's top tooth finally came out-yay! Last Friday Megan picked her up and it was just hanging....so Megan told her she had to pull it before she would drive off b/c she didn't want it to fall out while she was driving(huh?!), but it worked......after messing w/that tooth for 3 weeks, she finally let May May pull it. That night she put it under her pillow....well, it was pretty nasty out Friday night and the Tooth Fairy wasn't able to make all her rounds, so she came Saturday and left an extra $1 for the delay! Doesn't she look cute w/her "snaggle" smile! And look at Brax doing his "cheese" grin for Nat Nat- Gotta love it!
We gave him his gifts Saturday night so he could play and enjoy them....
Layla got him a new beach towel and swim trunks...ok, so he couldn't really enjoy THOSE this weekend, but he did like them. Brad and I got him Mario Kart for Wii.....so fun! He also wants us to build him a new fort....ugh!
My mom gave him all her gifts before the party.....lots of new clothes and shoes. Nothing EXCITING for a 10 yr. old boy, but he liked it. I swear, his foot is so big I can wear his shoes.

Layla got her clothes and shoes from MeeMaw Jan a few weeks ago on her b-day.....but MeeMaw brought her a purse full of nail polish this weekend. THANKS A-LOT MOM! You see, Layla is of the mind that she has to do her own nails, and let me tell you, they look NICE by the time she is finished!
Other Stuff.....
This is John....he wasn't able to come to the b-day party, so he brought Layla her gift Sat. morning. He lives down the street and is in Layla's class. These two crack me up....I am telling y'all....they are IN LOVE! And I mean LOVE. Even their teacher is in on it. Isn't he a cutie?
Sunday afternoon after church, Erin came over to play. These two are going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E in a few years.... I made them sit outside to play "nail salon"-fingers and toes, oh my! I was going to do my own toes last night, but thanks to these two adorable little faces, I had no remover left. No open toe shoes for me this week!

BFF=TROUBLE! We went to Chuck E. Cheese last night for Bradley's birthday.....I got a pic of these two cheese balls, but of course Bub wouldn't let me get near him w/the camera.

Mable....enjoying the sun. Must be a ruff life-ha ha!

Last but NOT LEAST........
Pics of pics of my sweet LITTLE boy....now that he is 10 he is not "little" any more. He is still sweet (sometimes!). Just look at those HUGE brown eyes......

It has been a fun month of birthday celebration....sad to see it end. However, we need a new month to recover from all the $$$$$$ it takes to have 2 kid birthday's w/in 2 weeks of each other-UGH!

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  1. That was a very busy post!! I am assuming that life just keeps getting busier and busier from here on out. I can't believe you have a 10 year old though!!

    Also, when I was reading about the nail polish it made me think of the big basket of polish/remover/supplies your Mom kept in her living room. I remember her doing her nails and toes during our sleepovers...and of course we got into it a few times. Fun memories.