Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Bradley Scott!

Tomorrow my little boy will turn 10....snif snif. It seems like just yesterday he was just a little guy running around in his Superman cape. He was such a little baby....7 lbs...doesn't seem little, but man he was scrawny. I had to get him preemie clothes and he wore them for over a month! He started kindergarten in a pair of 24 month shorts and a 3T polo. I remember thinking he would never grow.....HA! He sprouted last he has little boy cute! But now that he is 10, I guess I can't call him "cute" anymore. This is a pic of him at the birthday party....NO I didn't put pink candles on his cake! He and Layla both wanted to have the "same kind" of party this year, so we did it on the same day....he had blue candles on his side.

This is him on the slide before the party started. We had a blast. The Adventure Zone is the best place ever! I have a few baby pics of Bub I wanted to post, but my cord is at the office....I'll get them on in a day or two. So, happy birthday to my 10 year old! You are the best boy and I am so glad you are mine. I thank God for you....Love you!

More party pics....

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Bradley and Layla's birthday. We had so much fun. And thank you to Megan for all the awesome pics!!!

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