Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dealing with crack and other messy issues...

This is see, my sweet little girl is helping her daddy build her playhouse(pics to come when project is complete), but the problem is that she is wearing jeans. Jeans are not exactly your first wardrobe choice when you are, shall I say, chubby.....

She has no idea I took these. Actually, I may not show her this post(I know, bad parenting).
But on a more serious note, I have to put every ones mind at, I do not go around calling my precious child "chubby"(well, ok, I used to), that is until we found out 2 yrs. ago that she has extreme high cholesterol. For reasons none other than genetics....we go to Children's every 6 months and monitor her diet. She actually has dropped points in the last year and is doing very well. So, simmer down out there in blog land.....I say "chubby" in only the most loving way!

Now-on to the Messy issue.......Bradley Scott's bedroom (can't you hear the DUM DUM DUM music?!).....I am a neat freak and his room had become soooooo nasty, that I literally wouldn't go in. So 2 weeks ago-on MY day off mind you-I braved the mess. I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. Well, 2 bags of trash and some "accidentally" thrown away homework later-CLEAN! AHHHHHHHHH! Here is the little sign I posted for him when he came home from school that day......

So far so good.....Things are looking good and the "little boy funk smell" has yet to return!


  1. I am laughing out loud at the crack and the bedroom note!! I have crack issues too but I really don't have a good excuse for being "chubby"! You have adorable kiddos!!

  2. Ahhhh my sweet Layla!!! God love her! I wouldn't have her any other way...neither would Brax!

    BTW...Layla is going to kill you someday for posting this!