Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A few posts rolled into one!

Chuck E. Cheese!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese last Monday for Layla's birthday. We had a ball, lots of pizza, punch and cake! And the best part, we used 100 tokens and came home w/a Jolly Rancher and some clay-oh yeah!
Have you ever seen such cutie-pies! As I am sure you can tell, Bradley Scott just loooooves to have his pic taken-such a boy!!

Layla and Brax-The wheels on the bus!!!

The Big Hair Cut!
Layla has wanted a "hair cut" for about a year now. She had the most beautiful long curls, and right before school started we got about 5 inches cut off (this put her hair about the middle of her back). But Saturday morning, out of the blue, she asked if we could go get her hair cut. We had plans to go shopping w/my mom Saturday, so I told her that if she was good, I would take her to the salon and let her get it cut. Well, I thought she would change her mind.....NOPE. We went! She told them exactly what she wanted. So, as I stood in the corner going "Are you sure? You really want it cut? Oh, I can't watch!!", she did it. And I have to say, it is so super cute, and she LOVES IT. She was so proud of herself, she was flipping her head around, jumping and swinging it from side to side. I am slowly getting over the fact that my little girl has this new do-snif snif-it helps that she is so darn cute!
Just for fun! Ya'll know how much I love the Easter stuff!!!


  1. Her May-May is in tears!!!!! I do love the hair cut, but you know how I love me some Layla curls....snif snif!

    Get your butt to work...hehe

  2. I love the haircut!
    I think she looks very sophisticated which is probably the last thing you want since she is your baby girl!
    I love your easter decor! I need to get into that...I always am too tired to decorate the house again after NOV and DEC.