Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Stuff....

Some say she looks like me. I personally don't see it. I think she looks like Brad and Kendra and my aunt Mary June. And where she gets the DRAMA, I have no clue. Anyway, she can be sooooo sweet! This is one day before Bradley's basketball game, we were goofing off. She loves to take pics! I haven't posted in a week or so and I have some random things I thought I would share!
Oh, and for the 3 people out there who read my blog, Mable is doing fine. She is soooo sweet, sleeps w/us every night!

This is what happens when you give Braxton a tube of Blue Razz Jolly Rancher chap stick! He looooves chap stick, so as soon as he got into the car and saw Layla's purse, he dove right in. I like a man who isn't scared to admit he needs lip products! Needless to say, he took ownership of the Blue Raz chap stick. "Wook NatNat, I did it."

Check out these two CUTIEPIES! Nothing like a little cookie cake with your BFF, and to have matching shirts and it still be COOL....well, what could be better? That is Molly Austin. She is 6 months older than Layla and they are BIG buds. I have pics of these two together from birth to now. Won't it be fun for them to look back on them when they are older. There is nothing better than a good friend. And let me tell you, when these two DRAMA QUEENS get going, watch out! They are a MESS.

And Now....Some Crafting for you viewing pleasure.....

I made this one for my friend Chris for her birthday. They are a big ''gaming" family and I thought this was cute. (It says "The family that plays together, stays together") Super easy and fun to make.

I made these for Megan, well, for Braxton to give his teachers on Valentine's Day.

The pic of this one didn't come out so well. I made it for baby Avery. It looks so cute in her sweet nursery.

One for Bradley's teacher Mrs. Keifer and one for Layla's teacher Mrs. Redwine. We love both these sweet teachers.


  1. the pics of you and layla are PRECIOUS!! and i love your frames and other projects...very creative and impressive!!

  2. Ahhhh....Brax loves his Nat Nat!!!!! I gave him chapstick the other day and he threw a fit because he didn't want "my kind" he wanted his "Nat Nat's bwue (blue) upstick"