Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

WHOOO-Spring Break....started with a bang! Both kids had awesome grades, well Layla's aren't really "grades", but she is doing soooo well! I didn't make the kids go to school Friday b/c the teachers said they were going to watch movies and play games. So Friday, Megan had Layla, Braxton and Riley-the kids had a blast, but MayMay was wiped out. I think they gave her a run for her money!! Friday afternoon Brad,Bradley,and Matt went to the lake for the weekend.(It's a boy thing they do every year during the basket ball tournament.) Friday night Layla and I headed over to Chris' house for a sleep over w/my youth girls. Man, the junk food was flowing like water, and I ate every bit! We had fun...singing to American Idol on Wii....Chris and a few of the girls even fought the CRAZY crowds at midnight to go buy Twilight....and then we had to stay up and watch it...AGAIN! Let me tell ya, I love me some Twilight, but that movie is no cinematic marvel that will win any awards for filming or acting! So, after a loooong night of getting our PAR-TAY on....Layla got up Saturday morning and went to my moms for the weekend. She went w/my Aunt Mary June, cousin Jenny and her girls. They had so much fun shopping and going to the zoo. And the best part.....I HAD THE WEEKEND TO MYSELF-OH YEAH! I cleaned like a mad woman. Actually, Megan had a Sat. appt. at the office, so Brax came over to stay w/me for a little bit. When May came to get him, he was helping me clean....so she picks up some Pledge and a rag and dusted the ENTIRE house. Now I ask you, is that like the best friend ever or what! I was able to get the house sooooo shiny and clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness in my book! While I was cleaning it hit me-in 10+ years of marriage and 9+ years of motherhood, I have never been COMPLETELY alone. WOW! Now, I know some people would be sad at this realization and lament about "missing" their family.....NOT ME baby-sorry, but I TOTALLY enjoyed it. I was happy to see my fam, yes, but man was my clean quiet house nice for 2 days.
Sunday afternoon, May, Brax and I went to Wal-Mart for some spring break supplies. Brax needed some bubble bath, so we took him to pick some out.....check out this pic.....CRACKED ME UP!
He had the choice of Sponge Bob, Thomas the Train, Cars, and Princess (inside joke)...he finally decided on Thomas the Train. On to the Smoot Nack isle(fruit snack for those of you have never heard my children ask for Smoot Nacks-that comes from Bradley's baby years when he started calling them that, and it stuck...everyone in our family calls them Smoot Nacks!) where we had more choices to make....AHHHH to be 2 again!

Monday Riley and Braxton came over to play. Things were going fine, until it got really quiet and I couldn't find the girls......so I notice the door to the kids bathroom is closed. I go in and there they are, in all their dress up glory, smearing on the High School Musical glitter makeup (thanks for that b-day gift MAY-MAY!) while clomping around in my high heels! They were so cute.....shoes and boas on the floor, make up form one end of the bathroom to the other and a stroller full of babies.....
The boys on the other hand.....
Braxton loves to play basketball on the PS2 w/Bubba. At least he thinks he is getting to play...notice his Wii controller to Bub's PS2 controller. Makes him happy so I'm not complaining! Now this next pic is from Tuesday morning....Layla and I were the only ones up when he got here today. While Layla was having her Frosted Flakes, Brax went and found himself something to do......
How cute is that! However I missed a few pics in the progression of this "baby event"....he pushed her into the den in a stroller. When he parked the stroller behind the sofa, he walked to the front of it, bent down, unbuckled the doll, and said "You wanna get out baby?"...he got her out, and that is when I snapped this. I'm telling all you little ladies out there, watch out, he is going to be one sweet, well rounded man one of these days.
So, I leave you w/this.....these 2 crazy, silly, loud, drama girls playing vet. So far spring break has been a lot of fun


  1. Wow can I send my kids to your house too?

  2. Sounds like a great week, Natalie. I've only been married for 3 years (4 in Aug) and Kate's only been around 9 months but I would be loving me some alone time too! Glad you had that time. The pics of the kiddos are precious...I love the girls' makeover stuff!!

  3. you are one heck of a woman is all I gotta say!!! Only Nat Nat can do this child care service.

    And yes, I am still having trouble recovering from Friday. Maybe that is why my butt went to be Friday at 8:00...lol! I think the kids woke up and said "let's drive May May crazy today"