Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Mable

When I got home from the office yesterday, this is what I see...

The man to whom I am legally obligated brought home a puppy. I was NOT happy...but it didn't take long to fall in love with this sweet little fur ball. Brad rescued her from Rogers Ave. yesterday afternoon. Our dog Hasting seems to like her, and Layla LOVES her. She is a sweet dog. I had to make a trip to the Dollar General-only the best for us-to get more flea/tick shampoo, a flea collar, and more treats. We struggled over a name all night....we finally nailed it....Mable. When I woke Layla this morning and told her we settled on Mable, this is what she tells me, "Oh mom, dad said if we name her, we have to keep her-SO WE HAVE TO KEEP HER NOW!!"...I think this was a well thought out plan devised by my "legal obligation". Whoooo, another mouth to feed, another person to clean up after, another butt to spank, another day in my world!
This is Hasting, our 4 year old half lab half cocker! Can you see the utter excitement in his eyes!
So, having a puppy is like having a baby. What in the world do I do w/her while I go to work? I couldn't leave her outside, she is all clean, I couldn't leave her inside w/Hasting. He is house broken, she isn't. I wasn't about to lock her up in the kitchen and have to clean up that mess when I got home.....so, she is at the office w/us today. You can tell she is working hard. I gave her a blanket, and you can see where she is sleeping...my purse!
Yeah, life is rough! We think she is half lab half golden retriever. Maybe one of these days we will have a whole something!!

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