Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Kind of Weekend!

Ah, Friday...the weekend...they all start with such grand plans of house cleaning, family time, cooking, maybe some exercise....This weekend I was going to do some serious house cleaning and I thought we might start on Layla's birthday present....a play house. But Brad hurt his back Monday, and didn't do much of anything last week, so working on the play house was out. So the house cleaning it was.... Bradley was spending the night with a friend so I was planning on the detox of his room first. However, my plans quickly took a turn for the better. Megan had Riley Friday night, so I invited them over to play. She suggested we do some kind of craft with the kids......well, that's all it took! Craft Queen on the loose! We took the kids and let them pick out their crafting medium. Layla picked out a small hat box, small canvas, and picture frame. Riley got a picture frame, hat box and a little purse. Braxton got a picture frame! So we cleared the table, and got to work! We had so much fun, and the kids enjoyed it too-ha ha ha!

Now here is where the problem starts! I had several project that I have been wanting to do for the past few now is my chance. I worked on one Friday night, but it didn't really count b/c I was making them for Megan to give to Braxton's teachers. So Saturday I got up ready to dig into the house work, only to hear the crafts calling to me. I sat down, just for a few minutes to start on one.....and a few minutes turned into ALL day. Really, I mean ALL day. You see, I love to do stuff like this, so once I get started I am a goner! But I did some really cute stuff. I got Bradley and Layla's teacher gifts made for Valentines Day, I got a gift made for Misty for Avery's room, and a few things for myself.

Now is where the weekend starts to get even better....Misty came over for a little visit Saturday night. I hadn't seen her in about a week and her little belly had gotten bigger! She had dropped, so she looked bigger anyway. She had been scheduled to go in this Wed. the 11th at midnight to be induced to have Avery. I was going to take her little gift I had made to the hospital on Thursday, but I was so excited about it, that I gave it to her Saturday when she was here. Well, at 8:30 this morning (that is Sunday!) her mom called me....her water broke and they were at the hospital....OH MY GOSH.....YEAH!! So, I skipped church and went to the hospital.

Little Avery Lynn Payne is now here! She weighs 6lbs7oz and is 20in long. She is BEAUTIFUL, her complexion is absolutely perfect, like a little pink rose, and she was very alert. I am so excited to be an "aunt"! And Misty did an awesome job.

So, I didn't really get any house work done this weekend. Did go to the park, did do LOTS of crafting, did welcome a beautiful little girl into the that is my kind of weekend! Oh, and Layla and I did do mani/pedi's last night-OH YEAH!

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