Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My random thought process

So, I am often told that I "jump" from subject to subject while in a conversation. This doesn't bother my friends who a.) have known me forever and b.) who also have the same thought process. I think it happens when you become a mother. I was always able to multi task, but now that I have children, I am like some sort of multi tasking super hero. Don't get me wrong, my mind comes and goes, but I never lose the ability to multi task. My friends also tell me I tend to ramble-Ha to you. Brad told me yesterday, while I was working on one of HIS problems, that he "lets" me handle these things b/c I am so good at it....truth or load of crap so he doesn't have to do it?-you decide!
We went to the lake Friday night to have some "adult time" for Valentine's Day. Friday, we decided to go to Hot Springs to eat at Cajun Boilers and do a little shopping. On the way into town, I saw a sign for scuba and archery lessons at the "Indoor Scuba and Archery Center", well, this struck me as funny. I don't know why I had never noticed the sign before. Anyway, who puts those two things together? Who says, "Oh, I need a new hobby. Scuba or archery...decisions decisions, oh well, lets go to the Center and do BOTH!" Well, as we were laughing about this, I see another sign..."The Pancake and Steak House Restaurant"...SERIOUSLY? Even better! Who says "Man, I'm in the mood for some pancakes", "Oh, yeah, not me, I want steak","Ah, no problem, we will just go to the Pancake and Steak House". Really, we laughed 4-ever!
It was nice to have some alone time. We stayed at the lake Friday night, and were able to sleep kid free-whoo! We watched the Hog game, w/out Bradley a.k.a The Jr. Voice of the Razorbacks, doing a play by play for us. Then we headed home. We had a nice steak and shrimp (no pancakes) dinner at home. So, that was our big Valentine's weekend!
Monday the kids were out of school so Braxton came over to hang out w/us. He is so cute. Funny how my kids LOVE him, but can't stand eachother. They ended up having to spend an hour in their rooms b/c of their drama. Layla is SUCH a drama queen....it drives me nuts. We usually end up rolling on the floor in tears b/c of her little tantrums, this really makes her mad, so the drama escalates....it is a never ending cycle. The best most recient drama moment was last week. For some reason, she HATES the idea of bathtime. Like it is some new thing we are trying out. So, as she was throwing her nightly fit in the bathroom, I was telling her to zip her lip and get in the tub.....so this is what I get from her-"YOU ARE MAKING ME SO MAD. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A KID ANYMORE...IT IS SO HARD....I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE AND I HATE TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO. AND MOM, YOU ARE NOT BEING A CHRISTIAN B/C I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A BATH AND YOU ARE YELLING AT ME, AND DON'T YOU KNOW THE GOLDEN RULE, B/C I DO NOT WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS, IF I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A BATH, YOU SHOULDN'T TELL ME TO TAKE A BATH..." Seriously folks, she is 5. And as for the "I do everything around here" thing- HAHAHA! If having to clean her room every night, pick up her toys in the playroom, help set the table, feed the dog, and take a bath is "doing everything", then I will take that job and she can have mine!
Bradley is a bit more mellow. His biggest problem right now is understanding why he can't wear the SAME sweat shirt and football jersey everyday. Boys!


  1. Hey girl!!! Just wanted to let you know that I made your Crock Pot Pork Loin tonight. Soooo good!!! Everyone loved it! Thanks a bunch and keep the recipes coming....lowfat recipes that is!!
    What did you think about Jillian getting the boot? I was sad. I was really starting to like her!

  2. OH my we should never get her and Maggie Rae together. Ask Megan about Chuck e Cheese and her freaking out. They get worse. Maggie is 6 going on 36 and frequently tells me I have ruined her life haaaaaaaa. I normally yell Good thats what I am trying to do. Sarcasim works wonders with my sanity.

  3. This is the funniest thing I've read in a while, Natalie!! That's hysterical that she accused you of not being a Christian and making her do EVERYTHING...oh, if she only knew she should enjoy these times of doing nothing and no worries....funny, funny girl!! That attitude with little girls starts wayyyy too early. I think I already caught an eye-roll from Kate the other day....ahhh!!

    Glad y'all had fun at the lake....sounds like a very relaxing weekend!!

    p.s. I have a mental picture of your mother reading this and laughing while she thinks.."Hmmm..I wonder where Layla got that spunkiness?!?" Ha ha!

  4. Who do you think Layla gets this from? I know someone quite well..lol!!!

    I love Miss Layla..just like the day she said "May May I don't want people getting onto me anymore, I want to be an adult"!!! I have never laughed so hard in my life!!