Monday, April 6, 2009

Kids, Husbands, and Dogs...OH MY!

Layla loves to take when she got a hold of my camera the other day, this is what I found......
Channeling her inner Elvis....

What is that yellow crap on her face? I was painting the playhouse that day, so I am sure it is probably cheetos or something equally as nutritious that Brad fixed her for lunch. (Daddy isn't as good w/the high cholesterol diet guidelines as Momma!) Oh well, a cheeto or two never killed anyone!

I finally got some pics of Bradley.....granted, they are SILLY, but he is smiling!! See, I have to act like I am going to kiss, or hug, or love on him. This gets him all silly trying to keep me off of him.
"Hello, I'm MR. DORK!"

**** Now, lets think about this.....This morning, I overslept by 20 minutes-AHHH. I got up, got my coffee(gotta have my coffee), got the dogs fed and outside,got Bradley up, fed him, got Layla up, fed her, got them off to school....came home and jumped in the shower. I walk out of the bathroom to this.................
The biggest lump is Brad....sleeping w/the dogs. Man, life is hard.
So, I jet off to the office and leave these 3 morons to them self....wish I was a husband or a dog. Gotta love the fam!


  1. How much does Layla look like you in those pictures!!! Wow! Maybe it is the Elvis face? Just joking!!

  2. Layla's eyes (except the color) are EXACTLY like!!

    Ummm...Brad better thank his lucky stars that he's married to you b/c this wifey would have had him up and doing 1/2 OR MORE of everything you did that morning!! Ha! I don't think I'll show this post to my might make him feel bad...hee hee!

  3. need to get his butt out of bed to help you in the morning. LAZY.

  4. You better tell your husband that he is lucky to have a wife like you! And tell your dogs they are lucky to have you too.

  5. Are you sure these pics are of Layla????? Did you "fix" them to have your daughter in