Thursday, May 28, 2009

Move over Martha.....

Well, "Move over Martha" may be a little lofty.....I'm sure she would die before she went slumming in my back yard....maybe "I'm cheap" would be a better title. Anyhoo, I needed new patio chair cushions, and being the cheap-o that I am, couldn't bring myself to buy them. I need 6 of them and those suckers aren't cheap. I found some at TJMAXX a few months ago, for a good deal $14, and they only had 4 of them-AHHHH. So, this set my crafty little mind to motion. I wanted something that would withstand the kids, the dogs, the ice cream and pizza, the pool and the sun. And if they get messed up, big whoop. After a few days of thinking it over, I came up w/this.....
I spent a whopping $16. "How" you ask? I got four handy dandy out door tablecloths ($4 each) and went to work w/my trusty glue gun.
I even had enough left to make a pillow for my rocker and a little apron!

And I can't forget to mention the injury I sustained during the cushion making frenzy.

My trusty glue gun has become not so trusty in her old age. She drips and oozes a lot. Well, I was doing this project in the den floor and a drop of molten melted plastic glue got away from me and fell onto the nice, smooth, tender top of my foot-OUCH! I have lost many a fingerprint layer of skin over the years to the glue gun, but never the foot. It is nice and scabbed over and I am sure I will have a pretty little scar. Oh well, no pain no gain!