Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long time, no post!

So it's been a while since my last post. We have been so busy around here I don't even know where to start! Mother's Day seems to be a good jumping off point....On Saturday Tara (my mother-in-law), Kendra (sis-in law), and I headed to my moms in Conway for some R & R.We had lunch, did a little shopping, and had pedi's. Ok, so my mother-in law is the most "no fuss" girl I know! This was not her first pedi, but it was however the first time IN HER LIFE that she has had color on her toes......that's right first time. She usually goes for a shade of nude! We talked her into this pretty rose color and I thought we were going to have to hold her down she was so unsure about it. But once it was done, she really liked it-DUH!! Saturday night my super awesome step dad grilled steak for us. We were able to sit around and gossip, over a few bottles of wine, w/no children....soooooo nice! We decided this will be a new Mother's Day tradition. The next morning we got up and went to brunch at Market Place. Good Girl Time!Baseball is upon us.....Bradley has moved from Church League to Boys Club. I have to tell you, I am missing Church League. But we are having a good season so far. Bradley is pitching and he LOVE LOVE LOVES it. He isn't exactly "Speedy Gonzales", so the pitchers mound is good for him, plus he is good at it.

Saturday was Layla's BFF Erin's birthday party. I can't believe how big these girls are getting. Erin turned 7, and I'm telling you this girl is going to be TALL. And when these two get together, there is no telling what will happen. I think we are going to have our hands full in a few short years-ugh!

This is Layla getting her groove-thang-on! Singing "Go Erin, it's your birthday, Go Erin, it's your birthday"....cracked me up!Time for presents-whoooo! This one is from Layla.....swimsuit cover up and a new Junie B book. I think we have given her a new swim suit/cover up for the last 3 birthday's...ha ha ha! After Erin's party we headed to The Red Barn to celebrate my Grandpa Bud's 82 birthday. Layla and I had to stop on the way and get a cake, b/c you can not have a birthday w/out cake!

After dinner, Misty and Avery stopped by. I hadn't seen them in about a week. Miss Avery is growing like a weed. She is so sweet, and looks just like her momma and the rest of the Dressendorfer's.The best part......sweet sleeping baby. I love babies.....I could have a hundred of them if they would stay this small and sweet!

Last but not least, Megan and I met P.P., Stacey, Collin, and Brax for lunch Friday. Brax says he has to go potty......ha, yeah right, he tells us that all the time! So Collin takes him...they are gone forever....and then all of a sudden, Brax comes running back yelling "I did it, I potty!" and Collin is grinning like a fat cat. Sure enough, he did it. He was SO excited-it was so cute. He kept hugging Megan and yelling "I did it, I did it Momma, I go potty in big boy potty"!!

"Nat Nat, I did it, I go potty-yay!!"


  1. Love the feet pics! Wow you girls deserved this...especially bc Kendra is a new mom (dog owner) now lol! YEAH GIRLS!!!

    Yes, you are in trouble with Layla...she acts just like you Nat!!!!! But she has a VERY sweet side to her.

    Oh I forgot about these pics of Brax! We were all sooo proud of him!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow...what a GREAT mother's day fun!

    The pictures are adorable. Bradley looks very professional out there. And Layla dancing is precious!

    And YOUR GRANDPARENTS!!! They still look the same and it's been about 15 years since I've seen them!! Wow...that's neat.