Friday, June 26, 2009

Nothing like a little ghetto....

We have a pool.....a ghetto pool as I lovingly refer to it! The kids got it for their big birthday gift last year from Brad's parents. I'm telling you there has never been a better gift. We didn't actually "winterize" it like we were suppose to last year, so there was a lot of clean up to do this year. Brad power washed and bleached it! But, we finally go it up and running 2 weeks ago. Brax and Layla were outside "helping" with the washing of the pool. They had on these super cool guitar glasses...Brax would not take his off! When Megan came to pick him up, she wanted him to leave them at our house...NO WAY....he wore them to the mall!

We didn't start filling it until early evening....but there was no keeping the little fish out. IT WAS FREEZING! Layla jumped right in, but it took Bradley a little longer to inch his way in. They swam for almost 2 hours. The next morning Layla got out of bed and into the pool.....This is her at 7:00 that night....she slept until 9:00 the next morning.

Happy Swimming!

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  1. I begged my Brad to get one for us this summer but he said we need to get the backyard leveled first before we get one. They look like tons of fun and get GREAT reviews on all the sites I've looked at.

    Looks like the kiddos are enjoying it very much...that's what it's all about...ghetto or not!! ha..